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When I first started racing in the fall I was a little scared because I didn’t know what to do but stay in my two point and just get ready to go. A two point is when you stay up in your saddle and don’t sit down and just go .When I got on the racing field I was looking at the other horses and ponies. I wanted to see what they were doing and how they were acting. I also was learning not to let your horse go behind other horses you don’t know. When I got to the starting line my pony T.J was going up in the air because she was very excited and wanted to run. Once we took off we were in first place the whole race and she got very tired and then I lost. My second race on T.J we came in first place and I got my trophy, I was very happy. What’s different about my first race and my second race was that I got my first trophy when I raced the second time. My third race was much different than my first and second race because I was on a much bigger pony. Her name is Strawberry and she is much faster than my first pony T.J. When I raced Strawberry she was very fast and it was fun because I never went that fast. The race started and I was in the lead once again. Then Strawberry was getting tired and the other rider I was racing with got disqualified because she was over aged. When I was off my pony a lot of people were coming up to me asking me a lot of questions. When my fourth race came I raced a horse name Kash in Maryland. He doesn’t belong to us , he belongs to a lady named Anastaisa.  Kash is a 12 year old gelding. Once the race started we went over two jumps and at the second jump my stirrup popped off. A stirrup is something you can put your feet in to keep you up. I thought I was going to fall off and hurt myself but I told the outriders I was fine. I was trying to do the whole race without a stirrup but they didn’t want me to. An outrider is someone who stays on the field while we ride just in case someone falls off. They’ll help you if you need help. So I got my stirrups back from an outsider and we kept on racing behind the outrider. If you pass the outrider you will be disqualified from the race. Once the outrider moved to the side we ran to the finish line.  When the outrider moved I went very very fast and I won the race. I got another trophy. That’s my story of racing. 

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